How to wire a plug

Stage 1

Caution: Please remember that working with electrics and sharp knives can be dangerous. Always consult a professional electrician if you have any concerns.

If you need to, start by removing the old plug. If it is a modern moulded plug then cut through the cable with a sharp stanley knife. Cut as close to the plug as possible to save wasteing the cable. If you are removing a non moulded plug then start by unscrewing the cover by removing the screw in the middle of the underside of the plug.

Stage 2

Once the cover is removed you will be able to see the wires, the pins terminals and the fuse. Start by unscrewing the small screws that hold the wires in place. You may see either 2 or 3 wires, not all appliances have an earth wire. But all will have live and neutral wire.

Now unscrew the cable clamp at the bottom of the plug and pull out the cable. If you are replacing the plug with a new one, remove the fuse and throw the old plug away. Cut the end of the cable off so we can start afresh.

Stage 3

Ok now it’s time to wire up your new plug. Start by stripping away about 4cm of the cables sleeve. To achieve this cut lengthways into the cable with a sharp knife being very careful not to cut into the wires inside. Now pull the outer sleeve away and cut off. If you accidentally cut into the coloured wires you should cut the cable off and start the process again. You will now have exposed the coloured wires.

Stage 4

You will now need to cut the wires to the correct length. Use the plug as a guage. Once cut you need to then strip off about 5mm of the insulation from each wire using wire strippers. Take care not to cut away any of the fine wires inside. Twist the ends of the wires to keep them together.

Stage 5

Now push the cable through the cable clamp and connect each wire to it’s correct terminal.

Slacken the screws if you are having trouble getting the bare wires in the slot. It may help to push the pin up slightly for easier access. Tighten the screws and make sure no bare wires are exposed. Tighten the cable clamp to stop the cable from being pulled out of the plug.

Stage 6

At this stage make sure all wires are secure and are nicely positioned within the plugs channels. Make sure you have the correct rated fuse for the appliance. Please check the manufacturers guidelines. Now replace the cover and double check there are no exposed wires or wires that my get crushed. Adjust the wires if neccesary.